”With all the HIPAA Laws, it is now taking medical facilities longer to obtain the patient information to create an accurate face sheet. What this means for those of us that provide EMS, is either the crews have an increased time at the facility waiting to get a copy of the face sheet or we have to request the face sheet be faxed to us. Both options delay our daily operations. With Medmerge Foundations there is no delay. The EMS personnel no longer wait at the facility to receive a face sheet and the billing clerk does not need to wait for one to be faxed. When the clerk is ready for the face sheet, you log into Medmerge, enter the patient name, pick the date of service and you have all the billing information you need. That simple! This has saved us time of personnel waiting at the hospital, and no more delays in waiting for billing information. We are able to bill out the same day of service.”
Washington Township Fire Department
”As EMS Coordinator for a busy EMS agency, a huge task in the past has been to follow up on requests from EMS field personnel on their patients' outcome, based on the treatment administrated prior to getting to the hospital. Many of our personnel will inquire whether the treatment and care they provided made a difference.

Medmerge Foundations allows our people to access the patients in-hospital care notation and view the outcome of the patient and their progress towards recovery. It also allows us the ability to track down the most current patient insurance information so that the billing process is efficient and accurate.”
Timothy, Captain/EMS Coordinator
”I really like the Medmerge Foundations program. It allows me to interact with the doctors and do follow-ups on some of the more interesting and unusual calls without having to go through my EMS Captain. I also like that if the doctor has a question they can send me a Medconnex message and it goes right to which ever email I set up so I can answer it at my convenience rather than waiting until they see me the next time.”
Nick, Firefighter/Paramedic