How Medmerge Benefits Hospitals

HIPAA Security

Despite all of their well-intentioned efforts, hospitals, and EMS providers and administrators are constantly challenged to communicate with each other in a safe and secure manner, often failing in subtle but very real ways. E-mail is frequently used to discuss patient care issues, and patient information is commonly included in these e-mail conversations. Paper documents are universally used for faxing to unsecured fax recipients; paper stacks used for transfer of patient information are left openly exposed and render an institution in violation of privacy statutes. Furthermore, in light of a recently published 2012 Agenda for the Office of Civil Rights that includes HIPAA compliance audits of hundreds of provider entities (including possibly EMS organizations), it is essential that hospitals and EMS agencies procure a very secure methodology for communicating any patient information with each other. All parties will be at risk until fully compliant methods are obtained, implemented and solidified into policy

MedMerge Foundations offers a unique, fully-encrypted and secure channel for this vital communication with its innovative MedConnex™ module. This technology creates a completely safe environment for all information that is passed between these organizations, such that all concerns regarding HIPAA compliance are alleviated with one technology platform. No more need for personal emails, faxes, or other risky practices. And with its de-identified and generic tickler notifications that go to personal e-mail accounts, providers and administrators can stay informed immediately about any impending issues without abandoning their current e-mail service providers.

Increased Revenue

Medmerge Solutions recognizes the importance of financial solidity in a current environment of decreased reimbursement, increased payment scrutiny, and most of all fierce competition. Gross revenue is ultimately affected by patient volume, which is intimately associated with volume from the emergency department. Every extra patient transported via EMS means potentially thousands of dollars in net revenue. An extra patient per day can equal 7 digit figures for added business. And a strong connection to EMS agencies, highlighted by definitive EMS advantages for their business model and a conduit for clinical excellence, means increased desire and motivation to transport to a hospital organization that has implemented Medmerge.

The Medmerge concept strengthens this relationship with its several modules, creating a synergistic bond that benefits both sides of this equation. This completely changes the manner in which these organizations do business together.

With our enhanced billing information transfer, and event management systems, our product also decreases wasted effort by hospital staff, thereby increasing revenue through this improved performance.

Optimized Efficiency


No longer do hospitals need to dedicate staff to reconcile billing discrepancies with EMS agencies via phone calls, faxes, special arrangements, and wasteful rework. Since Medmerge streamlines this transfer of billing data, valuable FTE hours can be spent on other critical tasks.


Dealing with patient care events and managing clinical quality issues with EMS agencies requires undue diligence and a considerable effort for adequate and often burdensome communication with all parties involved. Processes tend to be disjointed, with disparate documentation and a distinct lack of organization. The Medmerge solution, MedConnex™ provides an electronic substrate for handling these complex matters, so that all aspects of communication and documentation of issues are organized in a very clear format, and contained in one secure place.

Unique and Innovative Feedback Mechanism

Since Medmerge is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between hospitals and EMS organizations, we have extensively investigated the needs of EMS agencies pertaining to their host hospital institutions. One of the most common themes discovered involves serial knowledge of patient outcomes. As there is the eventual “drop-off” of patients, pre-hospital caregivers crave feedback related to the final outcomes of transported patients, in order to complete their cognitive first-impressions regarding these scenarios. Affirmation of clinical suspicion is an invaluable learning modality, and Medmerge extends this concept to provide a comprehensive, automated feedback methodology. In this way, EMS providers can use reconciliation of these outcomes with initial impressions, hone clinical intuition, identify patterns of insufficiency, and tailor educational efforts toward this end. This provides a much sought-after, value-added service to its pre-hospital constituents, creating a lasting connection and allegiance.

Optimizing Pre-Hospital to Hospital Continuity of Care

The Holy Grail for all information technology systems is the advancement of true clinical excellence. If patients win, all involved entities will be winners as well. Traditionally, EMS providers have been essentially quarantined to their encapsulated pre-hospital silo, struggling to be woven into the fabric of the entire scope of patient care. Medmerge enables this incorporation, by empowering these providers with direct interaction, relevance, and robust connectivity to their hospital colleagues. By doing so, continuity of care is reinforced and clinical quality embraced. Hospitals will ultimately reap the benefits of this stronger healthcare alliance.

Data Exchange

Current-state processes for communication and data exchange between hospitals and EMS agencies are typically dysfunctional, fragmented, and without consistency or effectiveness. The web-based Medmerge solution acts as an interface between these two very different entities, such that pertinent, usable data can be safely exchanged with ultimate control and security. Emergency physicians now have a method for contacting paramedics well after they have left their emergency department. Critical patient historical information via these paramedics is available through technology Medmerge can offer.