How Medmerge Benefits EMS Agencies

Increased Revenue

Optimized Billing Reconciliation

Every EMS agency has well-established and ubiquitous frustration with the daunting task of obtaining clean and accurate billing information from the hospitals that they serve, when transporting patients to their emergency departments. The billing information is frequently outdated, or the EMS providers are called away too rapidly to obtain a face sheet. Medmerge offers an innovative solution to this billing dilemma by providing automated, easy-to-access updated patient billing information. No more countless phone calls to patients and hospitals, e-mails, letters, or hospital visits. All accurate billing information can be accessed immediately and electronically through our innovative process. This dramatically improves billing efficiency and capture, and eliminates innumerable manpower hours in erroneous billing reconciliation.


No More Waiting For EMS Providers

As EMS agencies are increasingly pressured to maintain slim profit margins, it becomes all the more important for every EMS provider to be out on the street in an expeditious fashion, available for more transports and not wasting time in the emergency department waiting for face sheets. EMS chiefs and administrators have dreamed of rapid turn-around-times for their workers, thereby maximizing their resource allocations and improving their bottom line. Medmerge provides that necessary ingredient with its automated billing information system, allowing providers to be immediately available for more runs instead of constantly waiting for face sheets.


Diagnosis Clarity

Many times billing claims are rejected for lack of appropriate diagnoses or reasons for transport. This leads to re-work by billing personnel, inefficient communication methods and wasted FTE hours. Our product includes diagnoses and reason-for-visit elements, thereby providing rapid access to the required diagnostic information and enhancing initial billing acceptance.


Unique and Innovative Feedback Mechanism

Since Medmerge is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between hospitals and EMS organizations, we have extensively investigated the needs of EMS agencies pertaining to their host hospital institutions. One of the most common themes discovered involves serial knowledge of patient outcomes. As there is the eventual "drop-off" of patients, pre-hospital caregivers crave feedback related to the final outcomes of transported patients, in order to complete their cognitive first-impressions regarding these scenarios. Affirmation of clinical suspicion is an invaluable learning modality, and Medmerge extends this concept to provide a comprehensive, automated feedback methodology. Diagnoses, EKG’s, clinician reports and final outcomes can be reviewed. In this way, EMS providers can use reconciliation of these outcomes with initial impressions, hone clinical intuition, identify patterns of insufficiency, and tailor educational efforts toward this end. And since CEU’s can be attained through this follow-up program, there is considerable derived value from this featured platform. This provides a much sought-after, value-added service to pre-hospital agencies, strengthening their quality improvement initiatives that are such an integral part of improved patient outcomes – the ultimate goal as part of the Medmerge vision.

HIPAA Security

Since the publication of its Year 2012 HIPAA Compliance Audit strategy, the Office of Civil Rights, a federal governmental body that oversees HIPAA compliance by healthcare providers, has raised the bar for all EMS agencies regarding their accountability for everything HIPAA. No longer can agencies simply provide basic privacy training to paramedics and EMT’s and expect to be compliant. Any current practice that violates compliance will potentially subject the agency to hefty fines if audited. For example, e-mail is frequently used to discuss patient care issues with hospital staff, and patient information is commonly included in these e-mail conversations. Paper documents are universally used for faxing to unsecured fax recipients; paper stacks used for transfer of patient information are left openly exposed and render an institution in violation of privacy statutes.


MedMerge offers a unique, fully-encrypted and secure channel for this vital communication with its innovative MedConnex™  module. This technology creates a completely safe environment for all information that is passed between EMS organizations and hospitals, such that all concerns regarding HIPAA compliance are alleviated with one technology platform.  No more need for personal emails, faxes, or other risky practices. And with its de-identified and generic tickler notifications that go to personal e-mail accounts, providers and administrators can stay informed immediately about any impending issues without abandoning their current e-mail service providers. The assurance and peace of mind offered by this secure technology renders MedConnex™ an indispensable asset for all EMS agencies.


Improved Market Share

As EMS agencies compete for contracts in highly saturated markets, unique features that provide distinction from all other agencies could afford a significant competitive advantage. Currently there are no established mechanisms for evaluating patient outcomes from EMS transport, whereby ultimate diagnoses can be reconciled with EMS impressions. By partnering with Medmerge and using the Follow-Up feature, EMS agencies can claim a robust clinical accountability and learning program; this elevates their quality improvement to unprecedented levels and offers a direct path to improved patient outcomes. Agencies that attempt to verify this clinical service accuracy via Medmerge, position themselves for improved chances for contract acquisition by highlighting their dedication to measurable quality improvement.

Direct Communication

Typically pre-hospital providers operate in a silo, never really having adequate availability to communicate directly with hospital providers, outside of the patient transport time-frame. As questions and topics for patient care discussions arise, pre-hospital staff must wade through countless barriers in order to communicate with physicians, nurses, and administrative staff, and often fall short of their expectations. MedConnex serves to change this paradigm, facilitating direct, secure communication between hospitals and pre-hospital staff, ultimately enhancing patient care through improved quality improvement.


EMS Provider Integration

As the medical world is propelled toward accountability, continuity of care, universal information accessibility and measured outcome improvement, it is increasingly clear that EMS providers have become an integral part of this comprehensive approach to patient care. By bridging the aperture between hospitals and EMS agencies, Medmerge fuels this integration, incorporating the pre-hospital providers into the fabric of the entire clinical service of patients and introducing them to a new level of well-deserved prominence.