“Our vision at Medmerge is to provide a comprehensive array of innovative solutions that strengthen the connection between hospitals and emergency medical services, thereby optimizing the efficiency of these organizations and improving the care of the patients that they serve.”


In September of 2010, the founding members of Medmerge Solutions recognized the need for a much stronger connection between hospitals and emergency medical service (EMS) agencies. Through their collective experience specifically related to this relationship, they came together to craft a strategy for the development of the Medmerge concept.


In so doing, the intricate nuance that comprises the many facets of this organizational interaction would serve to be the guide for the company’s focus. As their true strength consisted of the expansive expertise of its individual members, the group’s collaboration was supported by knowledge and experience from all facets of emergency medical healthcare and information technology. As the four members began to delve more deeply into this particular niche medical arena, it became quite clear that the efforts put forth by Medmerge Solutions would reap many benefits to pre-hospital and hospital organizations, from a clinical as well as a business perspective.

“More importantly, however, through its improvements in quality assurance, communication and educational processes, Medmerge Solutions offers a distinct advantage to the ultimate end-user – the patient. This motivation fuels the growth and progress of the company, and is now the cornerstone for the vision of Medmerge.”


David Bauer, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.

Managing Partner, Medical Director

Dr. Bauer has over 31 years of clinical experience in delivering healthcare. Since graduating from medical school in 1984 from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan, he has been involved in emergency medicine in attending, faculty, and director roles. In the past 5 years, Dr. Bauer has been a medical healthcare IT consultant, leading the governance, design and implementation of numerous electronic clinical information technology projects. He has been responsible for automating the clinical workflow of every position in the emergency venue, and has utilized LEAN methodology for enhancement of process improvement as part of a long-term statewide quality initiative. As an EMS medical director, he has focused on the integration and flow of patient information from the pre-hospital setting to the emergency department arena.


Kristin Butner R.N., BSN

Managing Partner, Clinical Transformation Architect

Kristen ButnerKristin Butner has over 25 years of healthcare experience. For the past six yrs, she has been a Health Care IT Clinical Transformation-Implementation Architect for the Cerner Corporation, working with more than 30 hospitals and healthcare centers to design, build and implement their Electronic Medical Record. Prior to that, Mrs. Butner worked for five yrs on a local hospital electronic health record. She is a graduate of The University of Texas – Austin and has worked in several capacities including emergency, trauma and flight nursing. She also is a state licensed paramedic and has been employed in many level 1 trauma centers.


Glenn Garwood, B.A.S., Paramedic

Managing Partner, Pre-Hospital Specialist

Glenn Garwood has over 24 years experience in emergency healthcare. He is a career firefighter/paramedic and a State licensed EMS Instructor Coordinator. He also currently serves concurrently as Director of Emergency Medical Services and operates as the key liaison between the local EMS agencies and the hospital in which he works. He has been instrumental in building the connection and market share with local pre-hospital organizations as well as being an active contributor to the process of acquiring both Primary Chest Pain and Stroke Center accreditations. Prior to that, Mr. Garwood had a long dual career as a college Adjunct Faculty Member and EMS Program Manager responsible for curriculum development, training, accreditation, and administrative/fiscal direction. He is also credentialed through the American Heart Association as a BLS, ACLS,

and PALS Instructor and Training Center Faculty member.


Chris Rodriguez, B.S.

Managing Partner, Computer Systems Engineer

Chris Rodriguez has been in healthcare IT for over 16 years. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a BS in computer science, he began his career as a systems developer for the health IT software vendor Cerner Corporation. Mr. Rodriguez then worked for the prestigious St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for eight years as the technical project manager where he was the primary person responsible for all technical and integration issues, as well as planning and support related to the Cerner Millennium Clinical Information Systems. Most recently, Mr. Rodriguez has led his own business as an integration consultant for healthcare clients across

the country.